How It Works

Create Your Fundraising Campaign in Minutes

Tuition Funding is your website platform to create your personal tuition fundraiser campaign to help raise money for your college tuition, to pay off your student loan debt, your graduate degree tuition, or any other direct or indirect expense association with your college education or trade school.

Step 1- Become a Member

In order to create a “Tuition Funding” campaign on our platform, you must first become a Student Body Scholarship Association (SBSA) member. Pre-registration membership enrollment takes about five minutes to complete and costs as little as $20 to enroll. Student membership fees help SBSA promote its “Tuition Funding” program while allowing our staff members to solicit private and corporate-sponsored donations to assist students on our platform. 

Step 2-  Fundraising Platform Registration

Once you become an SBSA member you will automatically receive an email with a link enclosed which will allow you to use the Tuition Funding Registration form to create your username and password on the website.

 Make sure it’s an email address that you check often so that you can be immediately notified when you receive a donation and when we need to contact you to send your campaign funds.

Step 3 – Create Your Fundraising Page

Once you register on the Tuition Funding website you will be able to create your personalized tuition campaign page by uploading images or videos and telling your personal story. Our website will then create an awesome-looking page that is mobile-friendly too!

Line 1: Title  Fill Out the Title of Your Campaign. Example John’s College Tuition
Line 2: Description Write a compelling Story about yourself that would motivate a potential donor to support your cause.
Line 3: Category: Choose one of 20 College-Related Categories which best define your college experience.
Line 4: Feature Image: Upload your Feature Image
Line 5: Gallery Image: For Uploading Multiple Images
Line 6: Video: Your Video Upload URL
Line 7: Funding Goal: Set Your Campaign Goal
Line 8: Contributor Table: Check the “Show Contributor Table on Campaign Single Page to see your list of donors.
Line 9: Contributor Anonymity: Check the Contributor Anonymity square to allow donors the ability to give anonymously. 
Line 10: Check the “Agree with the Terms and Condition box.”

 Step 4 – Share With Friends Family and The World!

Use our built-in social media tools to share on Facebook, Twitter, and more!



Step 5 – Accept Donations

Friends, family, and even unknown supporters who want to see you reach your preset tuition goals can make their contribution in less than a minute. Since the giver will receive a tax deduction for their gift they will likely be more incentivized to make a donation.  

Corporate Sponsorships
Our program is structured for corporate sponsorships since we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. So don’t be afraid to contact corporations in your area for support.

Accept Donations
Step 6 – View Your Progress

You’ll be able to keep track of all your donations from your campaign page in real-time across the globe. Monitor visitors and follow up with supporters with just a few clicks.

View Your Progress
Step 7 – Receive Your Campaign Donations

You’ll be able to receive your tuition donations via PayPal, Bank Transfer, Check, or through Zelle.