“Fair Pay to Play Act”
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Fair Pay To Play Act:

With the passing of the “Fair Pay to Play Act”  signed into law on September 30, 2019, students may now earn money from their likeness, which should allow for platforms like ours to have students create campaigns and receive corporate sponsorships and donations from the private sector.

 Most Division1, 2, and 3 student-athletes who participate in sporting events while bringing in revenue for their school will not receive any scholarships whatsoever.  In fact, statically speaking, there are roughly 460,000 student-athletes in the United States and of that huge number, only 1-percent of that group will receive a full-ride scholarship leaving 455,400 student-athletes to fend for themselves.
The recently passed, legislation will greatly benefit these athletes who can now earn money from their likeness. California Bill 206 “Fair Pay to Play Act”  was introduced by Senator Nancy Skinner, and co-authored by Senators  Scott Wilk and Steven Bradford, and was long overdue.
This legislation was passed in California and should soon spread across the nation for all student-athletes to be eligible to participate. However, any student-athlete wanting to use our platform may need to check with their state, as well as, the governing body of NCAA to ensure that they are eligible to participate in such a program.